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Our Health & Safety Statement

The health and safety of our employees and contract service providers is of primary importance to Total Control Solutions Group.

A safe work environment is the right of every worker and is our top priority.

TotalCSG is committed to protecting workers, equipment on sites, and the environment.

In order to accomplish the above, TotalCSG actively:

  1. Maintains an active and useful safety program
  2. Ensures that workers are trained, informed, motivated and supervised
  3. Empowers workers, supervisors, contractors and clients to make safe decisions
  4. Prioritizes safety above other concerns

Total Control Solutions Group regularly evaluates the safety program to ensure it is compliant with the most current safety legislation and industry recommended practices; that hazards are identified and eliminated or minimized; and that safe work procedures are up to date.

Workers are held responsible to participate in the safety program, watch out for themselves and others, use PPE and follow all safe work procedures. Participation in the safety program is a condition of employment. Feedback to improve the safety program will always be encouraged.

Safety is the responsibility of everyone at Total Control Solutions Group. Management, Supervisors, Workers, Contractors and Visitors are expected to be familiar with and follow the rules of our safety program. Effective administration, education, training and supervision is our goal and continuing objective.

Total Control Solutions Safety Statement

Petroleum Industry Guiding Principles for Worker Safety


Safety Certification

Total Control Solutions Group maintains a current COR certificate, is a member of AB WCB Partnerships in Injury Reduction as well as maintaining good standing with online Safety Compliance Verification services such as ISNetworld, ComplyWorks and PICS.

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Workers Compensation Board Clearance

Workers Compensation Board PIR

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Address: #206, 2914 Kingsview Blvd. SE Airdrie, Alberta,T4A 0E1

Phone: (403) 945-0800
Fax: (403) 945-1888

#206, 2914 Kingsview Blvd. SE
Airdrie, Alberta,T4A 0E1

Phone: (403) 945-0800
Fax: (403) 945-1888

Total Control Solutions Group

Total Control Solutions Group is a full service control systems integration company located in Airdrie, Alberta, Canada. We offer complete instrumentation, electrical, and automation services. We are vendor neutral and have a strong emphasis on finding solutions that fit our customers needs.