Safe Work Procedure Development

Procedure libraries for plants, batteries and facilities can be time consuming and very costly to develop.  TCSG has a proven system to give our clients a jump start on the process while being fully compliant with all legislation and existing programs.

Safe Work Procedures are divided into two main types:

  • Area Wide – applicable at all facilities in an area.  Examples would be Extension Cord Safe Use or Gas and Liquid Sampling
  • Site Specific Procedures – applicable at only one facility in the area.  Examples are Orientation / Evacuation, or Compressor Start Up

The Client and TCSG developer work together to create a list of required procedures, many of which will be available from the TCSG library.  Those procedures are compared with existing client safety manual to ensure continuity and then sent out to the work sites.  Operators / Employees have the opportunity to test the procedure and request changes as needed.  Each procedure is evaluated by employees, supervisors, managers and the HSE department with records kept as proof of due diligence.  Electronic and hard copies of completed procedures are given to the client at the end of the process.

The completed site library of procedures provides an excellent basis for a new operator training program.

Inspection Control Systems

The wide variety of legislation, industry recommended practices, safety program rules, and manufacturer recommendations for equipment inspections can be overwhelming and easy to forget. TCSG has a system that gathers all these separate requirements into one easy to use process. Plan, track, and evaluate everything from fire extinguishers to PSVs with one efficient routine.

Safety Program Development

Many smaller and mid-size companies know they need a Safety Program but are not sure where to start.  TCSG offers customized solutions for businesses needing HSE assistance:

  • Consultation and assistance to develop a complete safety program
  • COR Audit preparation
  • Safe Work Procedure development and implementation
  • ISN / PICS / ComplyWorks support
  • Safety Program use and maintenance training

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